The TRS staff is happy to help with any of our members' needs. Please call on us with any questions, comments or concerns.

Executive Director

Renita Fonseca, CMP
Phone: (512) 535-4920
Fax: (512) 535-6320

  Renita has served as Executive Director for the TRS since 2002. She runs the daily operations of the society, and is the chief meeting planner for the TRS’ Annual Scientific Meeting. Renita also helps manage the society’s finances, newsletter, policies, board meetings and other business of the TRS as needed.

TRS Fellowship, Exhibits, RFS & Physics Coordinator

Christy McDonald
Phone: (512) 297-9587

  Christy is a quarter time contract staff who joined the TRS team in 2009 to assist with fellowship, exhibitors, the medical physics and resident & fellow sections.  She also staffs the TRS Foundation.

TRS Membership, Speaker, & Meeting Logistics Coordinator

Alicia Kothmann
Phone: (512) 993-7490

  Alicia is a quarter time contract staff who joined the TRS team in the Spring of 2015 to assist with membership and speaker and meeting logistics.  She also staffs the TRS Political Action Committee (TRS PAC).


Michael Grimes
Phone: (512) 663-7968


  Michael joined the TRS team as its Lobbyist and PR Specialist in October, 2012.  He is the founding partner of IPA, and has worked in and around government in both the public and private sectors for almost 15 years.