TRS Membership Benefits

A few of the professional, educational, and informational benefits of ACR/TRS membership include:

•    Complimentary subscriptions to 2 of radiology’s leading publications
•    Member discounts on local and national-wide continuing education opportunities
•    Online Resources at and
•    Exceptional array of resource materials on practice issues, including partnership and hospital contracts backed by staff’s expertise on these issues
•    Free job listings through the ACR Professional Bureau
•    Legislative representation to protect and preserve the future of radiology

The ACR and TRS are also the voice of radiology when it comes to important practice issues such as the pre-authorization programs for PET, MRI and CT, balance billing, radiology assistants, overutilization of medical imaging, reimbursement for radiology services, and more.  ACR and TRS leaders work hard to protect both our patients and the profession of radiology.

Click here to view a comprehensive list of TRS/ACR Membership Benefits.