85th Legislative Session
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TRS Scores Numerous Successes in an Otherwise Conflict-Ridden Legislative Session!

The 85th Legislative Session was one full of more conflict, and sometimes chaos, than any in recent years. However, despite the difficult political environment and significant challenges posed to advocates across the board in 2017, the Texas Radiological Society led the way on many serious issues, both promoting positive policy changes and preventing negative outcomes that would have harmed the practice of radiology in the state. While many in the capitol suffered the consequences of exceptionally low passage rates, the TRS scored big with a number of successes this session, engaging as policy experts and thought leaders for radiology and the practice of medicine as a whole. 

In 2017, the TRS continued to build relationships with legislators who championed our causes this session, which will continue to be an important endeavor throughout the interim for all members of the TRS. Not only did we work with natural allies like the Texas Medical Association and similarly-aligned physician specialty organizations promoting vitally important white hat issues that the house of medicine united behind, but we also engaged with strategic partners in wholly separate industries to advocate for shared interests and improved outcomes for all Texans.

While it is important to celebrate our successes, the work is not done. We must always be on the lookout for opportunities to engage civic leaders and promote the practice of radiology. This interim will be no different.  Click below for a brief recap on the regular session and what is coming up in the special session.


TRS Bills of Interest & Successes

The 85th Legislature was one of the busiest legislative sessions for the TRS, and we are thrilled with the remarkable level of success we have experienced this year.  Listed below are some of the specific bills that the TRS actively engaged in and/or closely monitored in this session.  Please click here to read more details.

In addition to the many bills that the TRS engaged on that were successful, the TRS also worked closely with our legislative champions and allies in the medical world on some other good pieces of legislation that ultimately did not pass this session, listed below. Despite falling short, our efforts highlight serious momentum into the interim, and demonstrate the ever-growing role that the TRS plays in advocacy efforts with our colleagues and legislators.

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