Honors and Awards
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Honors and Awards Available to Members


ACR Fellowship

The status of Fellow of the ACR (FACR) is one of the highest levels of recognition bestowed by the American College of Radiology (ACR) upon worthy individuals who have distinguished themselves with significant accomplishments in research, teaching or service to organized radiology.


The TRS Gold Medal

The Gold Medal of the Texas Radiological Society is awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions to radiology and radiologists in Texas by one of its members. It is intended as peer recognition of outstanding meritorious achievement and contributions that reflects credit upon radiology in Texas. It is the highest accolade bestowed by the TRS upon one of its members.

 2020  Susan John, MD, FACR  
 2019 I. Ray Kirk, MD, FACR 2018  Sidney C. Roberts, MD, FACR
  (Houston)     (Lufkin)
2017 Cynthia Sherry, MD, FACR 1998 Edward B. Singleton, MD
(Dallas) (Houston)
2016 Gregory C. Karnaze, MD, FACR 1997 Melvyn H. Schreiber, MD
(Austin) (Galveston)
2015 John L. Montgomery, MD 1997 Phillip W. Voltz Jr., MD
(Temple) (San Antonio)
2014 Peter B. Riesz, MD 1996 Dale B. Brannom, MD
(Victoria) (Abilene)
2012 Robert W. Parkey, MD 1994 George R. Brown, MD
(Dallas) (Austin)
2011 Thomas B. Fletcher, MD, FACR 1993 Dale E. Fuller, MD
(Austin) (Dallas)
2010 Stanford M. Goldman, MD, FACR 1992 Victor Carlson, MD
(Houston) (Houston)
2009 Paul H. Ellenbogen, MD, FACR 1991 Dewitt W. Cox Jr., MD
(Dallas) (Houston)
2009 Stewart C. Bushong, ScD, FACR 1990 Vernon L. Medlin, MD
(Houston) (Corpus Christi)
2008 E. Maxey Abernathy, MD, FACR 1989 James M. Brown, MD
(Tyler) (Marlin)
2007 Thomas S. Harle, MD, FACR 1988 Leslie L. Lemak, MD
(Winston Salem, NC) (Houston)
2006 Ted Lee Carelock, MD, FACR 1987 Donald N. Dysart, MD
(Dallas) (Temple)
2006 Leonard E. Swischuk, MD, FACR 1986 Frederick J. Bonte, MD
(Galveston) (Dallas)
2005 Milton J. Guiberteau, MD, FACR 1985 Robert N. Cooley Sr., MD
(Houston) (Galveston)
2004 James D. Cox, MD, FACR 1982 Jarrell E. Miller, MD
(Houston) (Dallas)
2004 Louis B. Levy, PhD, FACR, FAAPM 1976 Charles W. Yates Sr., MD
(San Antonio) (Rosenberg)
2003 Charles W. Yates Jr., MD 1975 Charles L. Martin, MD
(Rosenberg) (Dallas)
2000 Helen C. Redman, MD 1974 Robert D. Moreton, MD
(Dallas) (Houston)
2000 Stewart R. Reuter, MD 1973 Herman C. Sehested, MD
(San Antonio) (Fort Worth)


Guiberteau Award

The Guiberteau Award for Resident Excellence is made possible by a generous gift to the TRS Foundation from Milton J. Guiberteau, MD, FACR.

Dr. Guiberteau, a past-President of both the TRS and the ACR, is known for his service and achievements in organized radiology and a lifetime of personal mentoring and teaching of radiology residents in Texas as well as nationally and internationally through his textbooks and writings in his subspecialty of nuclear medicine.


Brown Award

The J. Mitchell, George, and Stephen Brown Award for Resident Excellence in Radiation
Oncology is made possible by a generous endowment to the TRS Foundation from George
R. Brown, MD, FACR, and Stephen L. Brown, MD, FACR.

Drs. George and Stephen Brown are past presidents of the Texas Radiological Society and created this award to recognize resident excellence in radiation oncology and to encourage radiation oncologist involvement with the TRS. 


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