ACR Fellowship FAQ
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Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When are Fellowship Applications due for TRS Members?
A: May 31st. The due date is set at the discretion of each chapter and subject to change.

Q: Where can I find the fellowship nomination criteria?
A: There are several resources available on ACR's website at: On this website, you will find guidelines, nomination criteria, and ACR Bylaws. You can also review the TRS Fellowship Infographic for a high level overview.

Q: How do I know if I am eligible to apply for fellowship?
A: Fellow applicants must be a member in good standing with at least 10 years of post-training ACR membership. However, the Qualifying Criteria at 10 years is at the highest Extraordinary level. You may also confirm your eligibility with a membership inquiry to

Q: How do I calculate my years of membership?
A: A
dd each paid year of membership cumulatively to determine the total years of ACR membership.

Q: What is the application review process?
A: Applicants submit their applications via the ACR online application by May 31st. The TRS Fellowship Committee reviews each application and forwards their recommendation to the ACR Committee on Fellowship by June 30.

Q: When can Candidates expect to find our their fellowship status?
A: Candidates are notified by the ACR by November.

Q: How many letters of endorsement do I need to submit?
A: M
inimum of two (2), maximum of four (4) letters of endorsement from current ACR Fellows with the following criteria: At least one letter from a current ACR Fellow in practice with nominee and at least one letter from a current Fellow not in practice with nominee, or at least two letters from current Fellows not in practice with nominee. 

Q: What if I do not know any ACR fellows in my community?
A: ACR provides a list of all fellows on their website for candidates to be able to search for fellowship colleagues they might know. Visit:

Q: What if I have a gap in my ACR membership?
Fellow applicants must be a member in good standing with at least 10 years of ACR membership. 

Q: What are the different categories I can expect to answer within the application?
Applicant Information, Membership Information, Certification, Activities, Academic Appointments and Honors, Presentations, Organized Medicine & Medical Community, Publications, Research, Recognition, CV, Code of Ethics, Endorsements, Submit to Chapter

Q: What else can I do to improve my fellowship application?
A: V
olunteer for leadership positions, publish in peer review journals, teach a course, present at regional conferences, mentor early career radiologists

Q: When is Fellowship awarded? 
At the convocation ceremony held during the ACR Annual Meeting in Washington, DC each May. Attendance at the convocation ceremony during the Annual Meeting is necessary for the honor to be conferred.  

Q: What is the yearly fellowship timeline?
A: Application cycles begin in January, candidate applications are due May 31st, chapter review takes place the month of June and ACR review takes place during the summer months. Notifications will be sent to candidates no later then November. Convocation takes place every May. 

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